Executive Assessment

Today's business world challenges the executive management level to constantly reinvent itself and evolve at rapid, ever-changing pace. At Gisha Shona we appreciate the importance of 'the right fit' and know that the first step involves getting to know our candidates' true value – understanding their qualities, key strengths and areas for improvement

An in-depth view

Specializing in managerial assessment in general, and assessment of C-level managers in particular, the Gisha Shona approach includes multiple, integrated psychological and business oriented evaluations to develop a comprehensive picture of the candidate’s capabilities and potential.

Real world simulations

Our Executive Assessment services include tailor-made evaluation days designed to simulate the complex environment and challenges of the client company to observe the candidate’s managerial behaviors, functioning and work performance in real time. Additionally, we develop tools and methodologies that simulate the daily, ongoing challenges the candidate is expected to face in the new position.

Perfecting the process

In parallel, we focus on compiling the client company’s most up-to-date data to adapt our assessment processes to the current business reality, including performance, goals and forecasts, market situation, and more.

Talent Management Evaluation

At Gisha Shona, our Talent Management Evaluation services are designed to help our clients cultivate the talent that grows their businesses. Our proprietary evaluation tools are used to locate key talent already present within an organization, and to develop strategies and employment programs that create opportunities for learning and advancement. This is precisely how organizations can uncover the talent already in their reaches, giving them and their employees the ability to fulfill their full potential together.