Gisha Shona is a unique firm which specializes in the careers of C-level

and executive managers. We accompany organizations in their search for key people,

both within and outside of the organization, using Executive Search,

Assessment, and consulting processes designed to target the ‘missing piece’ and offer the precise

match for the organization’s needs

Our focus - the missing piece

Gisha Shona has gained tremendous experience and an excellent reputation for accompanying organizations in the search, assessment and development of senior managers. We've acquired deep understanding of what contributes to their successful fit in the complex puzzle that connects organizations and people, as well as dealing with market challenges and other contributing factors. We offer solutions that find the 'missing piece' using productive, creative thought and by creating close working relationships with our clients.

Our knowledge, our expertise

Established in 1995, the Gisha Shona team has developed proprietary methodologies serving multinational and local companies with proven results and enhanced business performance. The team's vast knowledge and expertise have been finely honed over years of experience, making Gisha Shona one of Israel’s leading retained Executive Search and Assessment firms.

Our commitment

Our number one priority is our belief in and uncompromising pursuit of finding the best fit for our clients, based on in-depth knowledge of their needs and the market they face. We invest in building long-term, quality relationships that offer support - every step of the way.

Our executive team

Ms. Shosh Oron

Founder & Co - CEO

Career Consulting Psychologist

Ms. Shosh Oron has been the CEO of Gisha Shona since she first established the company in 1995. Prior to establishing Gisha Shona, she was the Professional Manager of the Milo Center for HR Assessm...

Ms. Gabby Salton

Head of Industrial, Commercial & Services Desk

Executive Search Unit

Ms. Gabby Salton holds the position of Desk Manager for Commercial, Industrial, Services and Communications in the Executive Search department of Gisha Shona. With over a decade of experien...

Ms. Irit Leibovici

Head of Hi-Tech Desk

Executive Search Unit

Ms. Irit Leibovici holds the position of Desk Manager for Hi-tech in the Executive Search department of Gisha Shona. After more than 20 years of professional experience in the field of software eng...

Ms. Zehavit Dee-Noor Zimmer

Head of Assessment & Consulting Unit

Senior Consulting Psychologist

With over a decade of experience in executive assessment, career counseling, professional group training and assessment process development, Ms. Dee-Noor Zimmer brings a multi-disciplinary perspect...

Ms. Yulia Koyfman-Sela

Senior Consultant Psychologist

Assessment & Consulting Unit

Ms. Yulia Koyfman-Sela has over a decade of experience in managerial assessment and evaluation, development of diagnostic tools and processes, as well as managerial and HR team training. Since 2006...

Ms. Ronit Ben Amram Segri

Senior Consultant

Assessment & Consulting Unit

Ms. Ronit Ben Amram Segri joined Gisha Shona over 14 years ago, and has since held the position of Desk Manager for Retail, Finance, Service Industry & Institutions of the Assessment & Cons...

Ms. Nira Weiner

Senior Consultant Psychologist Assessment & Consulting Unit

Ms. Nira Weiner holds a MA in clinical child psychology from Tel Aviv University and a BA in Psychology and Education from Ben Gurion University (with honor) .
She brings a combination of th...

Administrative team

Ms. Tal Lipshitz

Assessment Coordinator

Ms. Merav Navon

office administrator